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27 May 2007 - New server is coming!

Because of the limited resources on a virtual server and having the need to have my hosting a lot close to home I decided to get my own server.
I chose a Tyan Barabone (datasheet) with the following config :
  • 2 Xeon 2.66 Ghz CPU's (Dual Core)
  • 4 Gig's of RAM
  • 3 x 250 Gig SATA drives, of which first 2 are setup as mirrors and the third one will be playground area
It will be running Centos5 and thinking about using zen to also pyshically divide my alter-ego's.
This gives me the opportunity to pretty much install and run everything I want and need and I am really looking forward working with my brother Erik to get some contents in those websites :)
I will add an update when the installation is finished with more details..
30 November 2005 - Finally a website!

Waited way too long for this, but finally has a website!
After owning this domain for 3 years, it was about time anyway.. ;)
No more message that apoligizes for the crappy website and with a simple link to's cvs tree. It still needs more content and some work. Just to note : this is still a work in progress. will soon actually have a webpage and the maven repositories will be online when I release the maven svg form maven1 and later on for maven2 (this will not be a repository for other artifacts). The links to and, will work, but will give you the old "crappy" site.